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Our History

As you drive down Halstead's brick streets, you notice the sign on the front of the building at 314 Main, "The Halstead Bank-the Community Bank Since 1882." Community banks are enjoying new respect for the things that they have always done well. Like Halstead, community banks have flourished because they focus on knowing you, the customer, by name not just by number, and by meeting your needs on an individual basis. We can act rapidly when you have a financial crisis or an immediate opportunity; there is no waiting for decisions from an impersonal banker miles away who doesn't know your Zip Code or your needs.

The Halstead Bank can meet your needs for technology with services that reach out from the bank's location to you wherever you or your business may be. Customers can find convenience by using one of our six ATMs. Open hours for the lobby and drive-up windows stretch just a little further than other banks might to mesh with your busy schedule. Busy people can access Online Banking to immediately obtain account balances and complete transactions.

But how did The Halstead Bank arrive at this level of convenience in banking? It all started when Bernard Warkentin called a group of Halstead businessmen to his home one day in February 1882, where they agreed to form The Halstead Bank. Mr. Warkentin, a Mennonite, was used to accomplishing things in the rapidly growing area that existed in central Kansas in 1882. He had been instrumental in importing Turkey Red Wheat into Kansas, which improved the agricultural production throughout the rich plains area around Harvey County. The Halstead Bank opened its doors as a state-chartered bank on March 10, 1882, with capital of $10,000.00. A few months later, on July 12, 1882, The Halstead Bank boasted 43 accounts, with activity that day of six deposits and seven checks, while totals had grown to $48,000.00.

In 1961 the bank proudly moved from its original location at the corner of Main and Second to a new, very modern building at 314 Main Street, just across from the post office. Unfortunately, on the morning of the bank's second day of business in the new facility an explosion destroyed the entire building except for the vault. Eight employees and one construction worker in the bank at the time of the explosion miraculously escaped serious injury, though 94 windows were broken at Halstead Hospital and nearly every frontage window on Main Street was shattered. Bulldozers cleared the site and a second new building was completed in December 1961. Three additions in 1973, 1979, and 1997 have made the bank an attractive spot able to meet the needs of our customers, and the twenty employees and officers there to serve them.

Some things just keep getting better over time and community banking is one of those things. Today, The Halstead Bank has assets of over $50 million and a loan portfolio that serves the needs of agriculture, small business, and individuals from every walk of life and every age.

Like Bernard Warkentin, our officers and employees live, work, play, and donate their own talents to making the Halstead, Bentley, and Valley Center areas a better place for you to live, work, and play. Bank employees can be found sitting in the mayor's chair or on a pint-sized chair in the primary school helping a child improve his reading skills. The bank sponsors and contributes to a myriad of community efforts.

Located just an easy drive and a few miles northwest of Wichita, The Halstead Bank is firmly anchored in a picturesque small-town setting surrounded by brick streets and picket fences. Our employees have real faces and names, and we want to get to know your face and your name. If you are weary of "mega-bank" banking, come get to know us at The Halstead Bank.