Globally Available Macros
\#searchUrl() Returns either $contextPath/search or $contextPath/secureSearch for the action in the search form.
\#getBreadCrumbs() Generates the bread crumb links without the home page link.
\#getBreadCrumbs('true') Generates the bread crumb links with the home page link
\#showChildLinks( $selectItem )
Generates a tree like structure of this item's children.
Generally called within the conditional, #if($selectItem.getAttribute('showList')=='true')
\#HBX_path() Talk to Jason Evans.
\#sitemap(\$navList) Talk to Jason Evans.
#diParse("/content/template_header.vm") Root is diFiles path
#parseFiContent("snippet.vm") Only allows files located under fiFiles\content\{language}\

Context Variables

Variable Value
$fiImages /home/fiFiles/static/images
$fiDocs /home/fiFiles/static/documents
$ficss_folder /home/fiFiles/static/css
$templateimages /home/diFiles/skins/default/images
$js_folder /home/diFiles/skins/default/js
$css_folder /home/diFiles/skins/default/css
$diFiles 04/04008/wclive/diFiles
$fiFiles 04/04008/wclive/fiFiles
$contextPath /home
$fiFriendlyName fiFriendlyName
$lang en
Variables for workarea
$editmode live
$showEditLinks true
$navItems [Ljava.lang.Object;@36a43f53
$selectedNav []
$selectItem com.diginsite.product.webcenter.web.NavItem@59397e2b
$contentPage vhelp.vm

Nav Item Available Methods

Method Value
getChildren() {home_search=com.diginsite.product.webcenter.web.NavItem@4d8a66d0}
hasChildren() true
hasParent() false
getParent() $selectItem.getParent()
This function should be used in conjunction with hasParent() but if not, this will return a completely empty NavItem to prevent errors in template processing. This, however, will slow down processing as it will need to populate the empty NavItem.
Available with 3.1
getTitle(String lang) Home
getTitle() Home
getUrl() /home/home
getAttributes() {hed-image-name=aboutus}
getAttribute(String attribute) $selectItem.getAttribute("example")
getIAttribute(String attribute) \$selectItem.getIAttribute("example")
Retrieves the inherited attribute. If it cannot find the attribute at the current level, this will iterate through the parents until there are no more parents to check. If two ancestors have the same attribute, this method will return the most immediate ancestor's attribute.
Available with 3.1
isRedirect() false
getRedirectType() none
isSelected() false
getName() home
getTemplate() template.vm
isSecure() true

Available Tools

Tool Uses
$sd sd.getCustomContent("name")
sd.getPrintData("srcFile", "group", "value")
$search search.getSearchFrame("searchWebappURL","serverSpec", "collection", "indexName")
\$search.getSearchResults("searchWebappURL","serverSpec", "collection", "indexName")
$tidy $tidy.clean(contentsToClean) Out with Web Center 3.1
$calc calc.getKidCalc()